Engagement wrapping

Standard Engagement wrapping: Our standard engagement wrapping costs 3,000 cedis.

Premium Engagement wrapping: Our premium engagement wrapping costs 5,000 cedis and comes with heavy accessories, embellishments, flowers, and one complimentary set of trunks.  

Price Quote: To get a price quote, click this link to fill out our booking form and our team will get in touch with a price quote. 


The wrapping fee covers the workmanship and wrapping materials. If you wish to buy baskets or boxes from us, they come at an extra cost based on the size and type. 

Cane Baskets: S, M, L, XL - 35, 40, 45, 50 cedis respectively

Boxes & Other types of baskets: Based on availability

Metal Trunks: 100 cedis rental charge per trunk plus a security deposit of 200 cedis against each rented trunk. The security deposit will be refunded provided the trunks are returned in good condition.

Transparent Trunks: 150 cedis rental charge per trunk plus a security deposit of 300 cedis against each rented trunk. The security deposit will be refunded provided the trunks are returned in good condition.

Envelopes: 25 cedis per envelope

On the day: Bring in your items at 9 am on the booked date. Kindly estimate 30-45 minutes on arrival to sort out your items for wrapping. Your wrapped items will be ready for pickup by 5 pm the same day, or noon the next day based on the quantity and type of wrapping. This will be confirmed on your wrapping date.

Wrapping list: Our wrapping fee covers the standard engagement list of the following items: 

Father - 1 Cloth, 1 Footwear, 1 Drink
Mother - 1 Cloth, 1 Scarf, 1 Footwear
Bride’s Cloths & Scarfs - 6 Cloths, 6 Scarves
Bride’s Lingerie - 1 Box
Bride’s Shoes & Bags - 1 Basket / Box
Jewelry - 1 Box
Jewelry Box - 1
Bible - 1 Bible, 1 Hymn Book
Suitcase - 2
Drinks - 12 Bottles
Soft Drinks - 2 Crates
Malt - 2 Crates
Beer - 2 Crates
Utensils - 2 Sets

We may charge an extra fee for items that excessively exceed our standard wrapping list. 


Home Service: Wrapping is done in our shop. We, however, offer home service to clients who prefer it. The home service fee covers transport and logistics for a team of 4-6.

Home service within Accra - 1,000 - 1,500 cedis

Home service outside Accra - Kindly contact us for a price quote based on your location.

The home service fee is separate from the wrapping fee.


Payment: We accept a deposit of 1,500 cedis plus the home service fee, if any, to book your wrapping date. Once payment is received, a wrapping date will be booked for you. The balance is paid on the day of your wrapping. 

Change of date & cancellations: Changes in bookings or cancellations less than a week before your wrapping date will attract a fee of 500 cedis. Changes in bookings or cancellations on the wrapping date will attract a fee of 1,000 cedis.





Standard Engagement wrapping


Premium Engagement wrapping